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  • The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said
    “The most accurate & truthful
    speech is the Book of Allah”
  • The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said
    “The best of you are those
    who learn the Qur’an and teach it"
    Bukhari, Tirmidhee
  • The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said
    “Beautify the Qur’an with your voices for indeed
    the nice voice in-creases the beauty of the Qur’an”

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Darul Quraan Institute was established in 2011 and initially functioned as a part time Hifz class. Due to the demands of the secular curriculum, the need to initiate a Full time Hifz program was realized. After consultation with senior ulama, in January 2013, the Full time Hifz program was introduced with the vision to create an environment that is attractive for both students and parents.

Alhamdulillah through the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala, since the inception of the Madrasah, 44 Huffaaz have successfully completed the memorization of the Quraan. The Madrasah currently has a role of 85 students and employs 3 full time and 6 part time teachers. We have adopted a policy that the students are only allowed to deliver their work to an ustad, thus making it easier to achieve and maintain high standards.

Through the grace of Allah the madrasah has also expanded by establishing another branch at Masjidus Salaam, Musgrave.

The six categories of classes

Pre - Hifz

This is a preparatory class designed to enable students that are interested in doing hifz to recite fluently and develop recognition and correct pronunciation of Makharij and basic laws of tajweed. Alhamdulillah this class has proved to be very beneficial.

Part Time Hifz

These are school going students who attend madrasah early in the morning and after school. Alhamdulilah, despite the challenges of the school curriculum, students are excelling.

Full Time Hifz

Due to the current demands and pressures of the secular system we have observed that in this day and age full time hifz has become a necessity. This program requires absolute commitment by both the parent and student. It also has a dedicated lesson for Fiqh and Aqeedah which is conducted on a daily basis. The student is required to opt out of main stream schooling and focus on the hifz program. To create a balance, there are options available for the student to pursue some secular education via the many home schooling options available.


A dedicated class for all Huffaaz who want to do their dhor in a structured environment as well as for those huffaaz who want to restore forgotten paras.


A dedicated class for a selected group of students, teaching them the laws of Tajweed theoretically and practically.

Adult Quraan

For all males interested in learning how to recite Quraan with Tajweed.

Taleem is conducted after Fajr an Asr daily and the madrasa is frequently visited by senior Ulama and local and foreign Jamaats.

Tajweed Classes

To enhance the fluent recitation of the Quraan in the manner in which it ought to be recited, the Madrasah offers special tajweed classes on a Wednesday evening. This opportunity is extended to selected students who show potential, and Insha Allah through this effort we hope that more students would aspire to join the class.


Over the past 5 years the madrasah has successfully facilitated taraweeh salaah during the month of Ramadhaan across 4 venues.

Quraan Programs

We have embarked on conducting Quraan programs, our aim being to revive and instil the love Quraan in the hearts of all.


We intend starting Introductory and in depth theme based courses on a range of topics designed specifically for our youth.

Part time Asaatizah
Full time Asaatizah